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    Dates and times for 2024 below.

    Families and friends gathering in People's Park, Luton

  • Park Church?

    Park Church is a group of families and friends meeting in People's Park in Luton. We've been meeting since 2016.


    We gather twice a month on Sunday afternoons at 3pm. We will often move around to the woods and other parts of People's Park to engage with God and one another. We're trying to make the most of being outdoors, enjoying creation, fresh air and being together. Our sessions usually last up to an hour, with time for chatting and more playing afterwards.


    Everyone is welcome! For more information read the "tell me more " section below and find us on Facebook

    Dates (Summer 2024)

    21st April (picnic from 11.30am in orchard)


    All other dates from 3pm:

    4th May

    19th May

    9th June

    23rd June

    7th July


  • tell me more...

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    Where do you meet?

    People's Park, Bells's Close, High Town, Luton

    We generally gather in a space under some trees along the top path. If you are coming from the flag in the playing fields, walk up the hill with the orchard on your right and Arden Place on your left. At the top of the hill turn right along the path, and we'll be under some trees on your left.


    If you're coming from Sunridge Avenue, walk down the alley to the park. Turn right and go along the straight path. We'll be towards the end of the path on your right.

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    What should I expect?

    Come and see for yourself! It'll be a bit like this:

    We're a small group with a mix of ages, but mostly young families. Some people come to every session and others drop in now and then. Our gatherings are informal, inclusive, and grounded in nature - we draw on the things we find around us in the park to learn more about God and his world. Gatherings include activities among the trees, all age discussion, Bible stories, and plenty of play. Every week is different, and sessions have included treasure hunts, nest building, stick drumming, snail racing, prayer kites and all sorts.

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    What if it rains?

    The weather hasn't stopped us yet.

    We consider Park Church to be an all-weather affair. We've been pretty lucky with the weather, but if it's raining we wear our waterproofs, string up a tarp and carry on. We do recommend wrapping up warm, and being prepared for a little mud.


    Some people bring picnic blankets to sit on, and you could even bring a light folding chair. We also perch on logs and move around.

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    Who are you?

    Our leaders are members of Stopsley Baptist Church and St Luke's Leagrave.

    Park Church is run by Sara & Sam Hargreaves and Lou & Jeremy Williams. We were sent out by Stopsley Baptist Church as a missional community, and continue to get support and accountability from SBC and St Luke's. We also collaborate with other churches in High Town and have run many joint events and services together.

  • Resources

    We're happy for other groups to use our ideas. Try out some of these sample sessions in your community.

    Leaders from Park Church also collaborated on the book Worship in the Woods and other resources

    which you can find on the Engage Worship website.

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    Learn about different trees in your area, and the different gifts in the kingdom of God.

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    Autumn leaves

    On why the leaves fall in the Autumn, and reflecting on the spirituality of letting go.

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    A short session on how trees reach for the light, and on Christians as 'children of the light'.

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    Fruit trees

    A session in an orchard or around fruit trees - best during fruiting season!

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    One for a wet day, celebrating the water cycle and where water comes from. Bring an umbrella.